The Sale, Service and Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus (Policy)

Legislative History:

Approved by UEC:  March 24, 2004; Approved by the Board 2004/04/26: Date Effective: 2004/04/26

Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Description: Has associated procedures.


  1. All students, faculty, staff, and guests of York University have an obligation to make responsible decisions and abide by all applicable laws concerning the use, sale, and service of alcohol on York University premises.

  2. York University permits the sale and use of alcohol on its premises in accordance with the law and the terms of relevant liquor licenses and food service agreements and the terms of any rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this policy.

  3. Failure to abide by this policy or the rules, guidelines, or procedures established hereunder may lead to disciplinary or other legal action.

  4. The Vice-President, Students and the Vice-President, Finance & Administration shall establish regulations and guidelines pursuant hereto from time to time.