The Pan-Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University Credits

Legislative History:

Approved by Council of Ministers of Education: 1995/02/27; Approved by the Board of Directors of the AUCC: 1995/03/14; Approved by SCARSA: 1995/05/16; Approved by Senate: 1995/06/22; Date Effective: 1995/09/01

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Malcolm Ransom


Given the importance of promoting student mobility across Canada at the university level; given the high quality and standards of all universities in Canada;

given the evolving characteristics of the Canadian university student body where students are generally older, more mobile, and more likely to be forced by work-related or personal reasons to register in more than one university to complete their undergraduate work;

given the need to reassure students that all course work satisfactorily completed in the first two years of university study will be considered for recognition of credit should they be granted admission at another university; and

given the need to reassure students that the process of transferring to another university in Canada will not result in undue additional costs or in the need to repeat essentially equivalent previous learning experiences,

York University undertakes to take the necessary measures to ensure that, by September 1, 1995, all course work completed by transfer students during the first two years of university study in Canada [including the final year of studies leading to a diploma of college studies (DCS) in Quebec and the university transfer courses offered by community colleges and university colleges in British Columbia and Alberta] will be recognized and fully credited for the purposes of granting a degree provided that:

  1. the transfer student is deemed admissible and has been presented with an offer of admission;
  2. the transfer student has achieved a passing grade in his/her course(s) and has obtained grade levels that would normally be required of continuing students; and
  3. the credits earned are related to the program of study in which the transfer student will register, or the credits can be counted as electives for the program of study.