Renewal of a Presidential Term (Procedures)

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate: 1988/02/25; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1988/04/28; Date Effective: 1988/04/28

Approval Authority: Board of Governors and Senate

Signature: William A. Dimma

Description: Deals with the re-appointment of a president


Process for Renewal of Presidential Term

  1. Not earlier than eighteen months and not later than fourteen months before the conclusion presidential term, upon the request of the incumbent President or upon the request of the executive committees of Board or Senate and with the concurrence of the incumbent President, a decision shall be made by the Board, after having had consultation with Senate, as to an extension of the President's term.
  2. The term of an incumbent President may be extended for five years, or for such shorter periods may be mutually agreed.

Definition of the Phrase "consultation with Senate" (as approved by Senate on February 25, 1988):

  1. Upon formal notice that Senate is being consulted by the Board of Governors concerning the possible extension of the term of an incumbent President, the Executive Committee of Senate will send to all members of Senate a letter which will explain the process involved in the extension of the term of the President and will invite all members of Senate to comment on the desirability of inviting the incumbent President to serve an additional specified term.
  2. Members of Senate will be allowed four weeks to return their comments to the University Secretariat.
  3. Informed by these comments, the Executive Committee of Senate will then meet with the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors to discuss the matter.