Personal Relationships Between Instructors and Students (Policy)

Legislative History:

Originally proposed by CCAS under title "Relatives Policy" and referred back by Senate: 1989/05/10; Revised and approved by CCAS under current title; Approved by Senate: 1989/06/22; Date Effective: 1989/06/22

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Malcolm Ransom


It is the policy of York University to endeavour to create and maintain a learning environment characterized by equitable conditions for all students. In order to further that goal and to ensure the continuing integrity of academic standards, it is expected that instructors who have a close personal relationship with a student who desires to enrol in their course will, in consultation with their Chair and/or Dean (or designate), make appropriate alternative arrangements for the evaluation of that student. If no appropriate alternative arrangements for evaluation can be agreed upon, the student may not enrol in the course.

Without limiting the generality of the relationships in question; these include the following:

  • a) where the instructor is the parent (or child) of the student
  • b) where the instructor is the spouse or spousal equivalent of the student

Should a relationship such as the one described in (b) above arise during the course and before completion of evaluation of the student, the instructor shall consult with the Chair and/or Dean (or designate) as to an appropriate evaluation procedure.

It is incumbent upon the instructor to exercise professional responsibility and to declare a potential or apparent conflict of interest where it exists. If the instructor fails to do so, the Chair and/or Dean (or designate) shall make the appropriate alternative arrangements for the evaluation of the student.