Minimum Grade Requirement - Major Courses

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate January 22, 1998; "Understanding" approved June 25, 1998

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Harriet Lewis

Unless Senate agrees to explicit exemptions, eligibility to proceed in or graduate from an undergraduate degree program will not be based on a minimum grade requirement for each major course. (It should be noted that this does not preclude setting requirements for a minimum cumulative grade point average in a major or minor subject area. Nor does this preclude setting individual course grade requirements when a course is a prerequisite for upper level courses or as part of a core requirement).

Understanding: Certificate programs, like core requirements in undergraduate degree programs, are not covered by the recently approved regulation that prohibits a minimum grade requirement for each major course in a degree program.

Applicability: The above regulation does not apply to:

  • graduate degree or diploma programs
  • BEd degree
  • LLB/JD degree