Fraud, Theft and Misappropriation of University Assets (Policy)

Legislative History:

Reviewed by President and Vice-Presidents, June 16, 2009; Approved by Board of Governors: June 21, 2010 Effective: June 21, 2010

Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Signature: Paul Cantor

Description: Deals with acts of non-academic fraud that occur at the University. Also, articulates the commitment of the University to protect employees who take steps to expose wrongdoing, by prohibiting harassment, threats, retaliation or discrimination against them. Has associated procedure.

I. Policy: Fraud, Theft and Misappropriation of University Assets


For the purposes of this policy, theft, fraud and misappropriation of University assets includes theft and all fraudulent transactions defined in the Criminal Code including but not limited to: stealing; embezzlement; misapplication of resources; destruction, removal or concealment of University records or property for the purposes of gain; forgery, falsification or alteration of documents; making false claims; computer hacking and identity theft.

Standard of behaviour:

1. York University expects its employees, agents, contractors, volunteers and any others acting on behalf of the University or doing business with the University to carry out their responsibilities with the highest level of integrity and to deal honestly with the University’s assets and resources .

2. All University employees, agents, contractors and volunteers are responsible for following the internal control processes and policies established by the University from time to time. 

Disclosure of evidence of wrongdoing:

3. The University encourages persons who have evidence of theft, fraud or other misappropriation of University assets or resources to disclose such evidence to persons in authority.

4. The University is committed to the creation of procedures which provide for any one to disclose evidence of wrongdoing without fear of reprisal in respect thereto.

Investigation and other action:

5. Upon being provided with evidence of dishonest behavior, the University will take the steps available to investigate the matter and may take any additional action, including such remedies as available by law.

6. University employees, agents, contractors, volunteers and any others acting on behalf of the University or doing business with it shall, if and when asked, be expected to cooperate fully with any investigation.

II. Procedures

The Vice President Finance and Administration shall oversee the development of such procedures as may be required from time to time to give effect to this policy.