Businesses and Programs Operating on York University Premises

Legislative History:

Approved by President and Vice-Presidents, December 15, 2009

Approval Authority: Vice-President Finance and Administration

Signature: Gary Brewer

Description: Outlines the application and approval procedure for faculty, staff and students to operate a Business or Program on York University premises. Has associated University Guideline.

I. Definitions

“Business or Program” has the meaning ascribed in the Guideline for Operating Businesses and Programs on York University Premises, unless otherwise defined herein.

The term, “Dean” includes the Principal of Glendon College and the University Librarian.

II. Procedures

1. Any one who operates or wishes to operate a Business or Program on York University premises (the “Applicant”) shall apply in writing for approval from the Dean if the Applicant is a faculty member or the Assistant Vice-President, Campus Services and Business Operations (“AVP-CSBO”) if the Applicant is a staff member or student.

Benefit to York University

2. The Dean or AVP-CSBO shall determine whether the Business or Program benefits York University, taking into account the costs and university resources necessary for the operation of the Business or Program, the impact of the Business or Program on the reputation and good will of the university, the furtherance of the mission of the university, the University Academic Plan and any other strategic plans of the university.

3. The Dean or AVP-CSBO shall report to the Vice-President, Finance and Administration any consideration granted to the Business or Program for its benefits to York University.

Conflict of Interest

4. The Applicant shall complete and submit the Disclosure Form attached as Schedule “A” with the request for approval.

5. If the Applicant is a faculty member, the Dean shall determine how the matter should be resolved. If the Applicant is a staff member or student, the AVP-CSBO shall make this determination.

6. Any decision on the conflict of interest and its resolution shall be reported by the decision-maker to the Vice-President, Finance and Administration.

Agreement with York University

7. If approval is granted hereunder, York University and the Applicant shall subscribe to an agreement (the “Agreement”) which is substantially in the form provided by Campus Services and Business Operations (“CSBO”).

8. CSBO shall administer the Agreement, including the collection of rent, fees and costs in consultation with the appropriate Executive Officer.


1Article 18.04 of the Collective Agreement between York University and the York University Faculty Association sets out the requirement for situations where an employee’s outside professional activities involve the use of University facilities, supplies or services. Permission for the use of such facilities, supplies or services and an agreement on appropriate reimbursement shall be obtained in advance from the employee’s Dean/Principal/University Librarian or designate.