Businesses and Programs Operating on York University Premises (Guidelines)

Legislative History:

Approved by the President and Vice-Presidents: December 15, 2009

Approval Authority: Vice-President Finance and Administration

Signature: Gary Brewer

Description: Provides the framework and terms under which faculty, staff and students may operate a Business or Program on York University premises. Has an associated procedure.

I. Definitions

"Business or Program"  means an undertaking outside the scope of one's employment or study at York University.

A Business or Program includes, but is not limited to commercial activity, publishing, laboratory testing, consulting, contract research, filming or editorial services, through which a party other than York University may earn revenue.

II. Scope

These guidelines apply to all faculty, staff and students who operate or wish to operate a Business or Program on university premises, either individually or through a corporation, partnership, network, consortium or other organization.

III. Guidelines

  1. Agreement with York University

Any one who operates or wishes to operate a Business or Program on university premises may do so only with a written agreement with York University that includes the following:

    • a description of the Business or Program;
    • a description of the premises, including location and any necessary approvals under the University’s space allocation process; 
    • term for use of the premises;
    • rent, fees and costs payable to York University;
    • responsibility for payment of all applicable taxes;
    • utilities and services provided by York University;
    • insurance and indemnity;
    • permitted use and occupancy;
    • maintenance of the premises; 
    • York University’s right to relocate the Business or Program to another space;
    • employment status of individuals engaged in the Business or Program;
    • confidentiality and privacy;
    • ownership of intellectual property; and
    • signage, advertising and use of York University’s address.
  1. Benefit to York University

a. York University shall permit the operation of the Business or Program on university premises only if the Business or Program benefits York University, as determined in accordance with the Procedures for Operating Businesses and Programs on York University Premises. 

b. York University may take into account the benefit of the Business or Program when determining the rent, fees and costs payable for the provision of the premises and any services for the Business or Program.

  1. Conflict of Interest

Any conflict of interest involving faculty, staff or students who operate or who wish to operate the Business or Program on university premises, is required to be disclosed and addressed to the satisfaction of York University as a condition of operating the Business or Program on university premises.

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