Brand Stewardship (Policy)

Legislative History:

Approved by President May 2006; endorsed by UEC June 7, 2006

Approval Authority: President and Vice-Chancellor

Signature: Lorna Marsden

Description: refers to authority required to use the University’s brand properties; has associated procedures and guidelines.

I. Background

This policy is intended to protect and uphold the image and reputation of the university by regulating the use of  brand properties. Protecting the university from inappropriate associations or use is desirable for the establishment and promotion of a professional and distinctive image for the university. This policy is designed to limit the proliferation of brand properties that detract from the university’s core positioning by diluting the university's distinctive image and legal right in its names and marks.

II. Definition

The term "brand property" means a term, name, mark, insignia, logo, seal, crest, design or symbol that has been adopted and used by the university.

Examples include York University's name, mark and design; the tagline, "redefine the possible"; the logo for each of Osgoode Hall Law School, Glendon College, and Schulich School of Business; and design treatment for units such as the Alumni Office.

III. Scope

  1. This policy applies to:
    1. every brand property used by the university;
    2. graphic standards; and
    3. the development of a new brand property.
  2. This policy is not intended to limit any academic affiliation or research initiative or undertaking but extends in so far as it is relevant and applicable to ensure that York University is properly represented within that relationship, in particular, when a brand property is used for promotion or identification.

IV. Policy

  1. York University shall use, develop, and manage brand properties  in such a manner as to uphold and promote a professional, consistent, coherent and distinctive image for the university in all its communications and activities.
  2. York University may develop new brand properties, or identities or affiliations incorporating existing brand properties, subject to the prior consent and approval of the President or the President's designate.

V. Related Policies/Procedures

University Postering Guidelines.