Awarding of Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas in Extraordinary Circumstances, Policy on

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate 2012/04/26

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Harriet Lewis

Policy Statement

Senate supports appropriate forms of recognition or commemoration of students who are unable to complete their studies owing to untimely permanent incapacitation or untimely death. Permanent incapacitation means the student will never be able to continue their studies even with assistance. Recognition may take the form of

  • an earned academic degree, certificate or diploma that is awarded posthumously an
  • academic degree, diploma or certificate for which incomplete requirements are fulfilled by the granting of aegrotat standing
  • a non-academic degree, certificate, or diploma “In Commemoration.”*

Categories and Eligibility

  1. An academic degree, diploma or certificate may be awarded posthumously if all requirements were completed prior to death.
  2. An academic degree, diploma or certificate may be awarded to students who were a) unable to complete a program owing to death or permanent incapacitation and b) normally had completed at least 75 per cent of the requirements with the balance fulfilled through the awarding of aegrotat standing by a duly authorized Faculty committee.
  3. A non-academic degree, diploma or certificate “In Commemoration” may be awarded to students who were enrolled at the University but had not completed their studies at the time of their death or permanent incapacitation, and are not eligible for aegrotat standing.
  4. Students are not eligible if death or incapacitation resulted from their commission of illegal activities.

*Example: Bachelor of Arts in Commemoration


Requests for fully earned or in commemoration degrees, diplomas and certificates shall normally be addressed directly to the University Registrar, who shall be responsible for confirming enrolment, processing requests, and notifying the applicable Faculty’s Council Office and Dean/Principal.

Requests for aegrotat standing may be addressed to the Registrar, or to the student’s major department or home Faculty in the first instance. The Registrar is responsible for confirming the enrolment of students and progress at the time of death or incapacitation. Faculties shall be responsible for notifying the Registrar of decisions to award degrees, diplomas or certificates through aegrotat standing.

Formal requests must be in writing and must provide authoritative documentation concerning the death or permanent incapacitation.