Appointment, Granting of Tenure and Promotion of Full-Time Faculty Members, Procedures for

Legislative History:

Approved by the Board Academic Resources Committee 1999/03/22; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1999/04/12

Approval Authority: Board of Governors


  1. The President will present a report to the Academic Resources Committee containing recommendations for the appointment, granting of tenure and promotion of full-time faculty members. The President’s report will be a standing item on the Committee’s agenda, and it will contain listings of faculty members recommended for appointment, tenure and promotion.
  2. The Academic Resources Committee will review the report and ensure that the recommendations are made in accordance with existing procedures for the hiring and promotion of faculty members.
  3. If satisfied that the recommendations are in order, the Academic Resources Committee will submit the report to the Board and recommend:

"that the Board of Governors approve the recommendations for appointment, granting of tenure and promotion of the faculty members identified in the President’s report."