Affirmative Action Plan for Non-Academic Hiring to Achieve Employment Equity

Legislative History:

Approved by UEC: 1994/05/26; Date Effective: 1994/10/01; Amended by the Board of Governors: 2007/03/05

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Susan Mann

Description: Applies goals established by Employment Equity Plan; Deals with "designated groups".


The University intends to take affirmative action to achieve and maintain the goals established by the Employment Equity Plan developed pursuant to the Federal Contractors Program or such other plans as the University may establish from time to time.

The affirmative action will be in respect to vacated or created CPM, YUSA and YUSA exempt positions which are directed to external applicants.

The affirmative action will consist of the following:

Where the two most qualified candidates are relatively equally qualified, and one of such candidates is a member of a relevant designated group, the position shall first be offered to the candidate from that designated group.

The affirmative action shall be implemented in accordance with plans and procedures promulgated by the Vice President, Finance and Administration from time to time, for that purpose.