Acceptance and Display of Commemorative Art Work (Guidelines)

  1. The University will determine on a case by case basis whether to accept a gift of a work of art which is being given for the purpose of commemoration of an individual or an historical event.
  2. If the university determines it will accept a commemorative art work, it shall also in its sole discretion determine:
    • where and for how long the art work shall be on public display
    • what if any inscription or description should be displayed with the work.
  3. In determining whether to accept and display a work, the following considerations will apply:
    • The artistic merit of the work
    • The degree of difficulty of maintaining and the cost of  insuring the work
    • Any special security measures required to protect the work
    • Whether the work or the individual or event it commemorates is so controversial as to engender activity which would compromise the work, the facilities or the activities of the university.
  4. This Guideline shall be applied by the President or his/her delegate.