Endowed Chairs and Professorships (Procedures)

Legislative History: Approved by Senate: 1988/06/23; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1988/07/19; Date Effective: 1988/07/19; minor edits December 2012.

Approval Authority: Board of Governors and Senate

Signature: Susan Mann

Description: Has associated policy


Under the York University Act, it is the Board of Governors which has the authority to establish a Chair or a Professorship. As the existence of a Chair or Professorship can have a major impact on the academic priorities and directions of the University, it is consistent with Senate’s responsibilities under the Act that the conditions and focus of a proposed Chair/Professorship should be found to be acceptable to Senate before it is established.

Given this shared responsibility, the following shall be the procedure for establishing a Chair or Professorship at York University:

The Vice-President (Academic) and Provost shall assess each proposal for the establishment of a Chair or Professorship. Where he/she is prepared to make a positive recommendation, he/she shall make that recommendation to the Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee of Senate (APPRC) and shall provide relevant supporting documentation.

In those cases

  1. where the recommendation is that the proposed Chair or Professorship is consistent with an existing Senate approved teaching or research program, and that other terms and conditions are acceptable
  2. and where APPRC concurs in this recommendation,

then the recommendation and APPRC statement of concurrence will be forwarded directly to the Board of Governors for action. Senate will be informed of this action.

In all other cases, the Vice-President’s recommendation will be considered by Senate’s APPRC and the findings of APPRC together with the Vice-President’s recommendation shall be forwarded to Senate for consideration. In those cases where Senate expresses support for the establishment of the Chair or Professorship, then a recommendation for establishment of the Chair or Professorship, as the case may be, shall be forwarded to the Board for consideration.