Acceptance of Gifts Policy

Legislative History:

Approved by UEC: 1995/06/19; Approved by BPC: 1995/06/21; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1995/06/26; Date Effective: 1995/06/26, Amended: 2006/12/04.

Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Signature: Marshall Cohen, William A. Dimma

Description: Deals with the acceptance of gifts / donations / monies received by the University.


Gifts from individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations and governments have been an important source of funds to York as to all Universities.

York has established the York University Foundation to carry out fundraising on its behalf, and it is desirable to set out principles and procedures which enable the University to review donations and proposed donations to York through the Foundation and from others in order to determine whether it is appropriate to accept them.

The review may involve confidential information and limited disclosure of that information to and by persons both within and outside of the University.

Under the York University Act, while the responsibility for the financial affairs of the University (including the decision to accept donations) is vested in the Board of Governors, and is delegated to the administration, the Senate is given the authority to recommend Chairs, establish academic programs and award scholarships. To the extent that any gift is given for academic purposes, considerations as to the terms and conditions under which it shall be awarded must be taken into account and Senate's guidelines and procedures respected.


  1. The University may accept or decline to accept any gift or donation and will make its decision to do so on the basis of what is in the best interest of the University in the circumstances.
  2. Unless subject to an agreement to use the gift for a specific purpose, gifts are received unconditionally and may be used for such purposes as the University determines are most appropriate.
  3. The University will not accept gifts when a condition of such acceptance results in an abridgement of its academic freedom or its integrity.

In appropriate circumstances, the University will involve a donor in providing advice on the program or project being funded.